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An Enterprise SaaS Platform to Streamline the Sales Team's Workflow

This was far from a typical internship. I was the designer on a range of different products and was the primary designer for two products in the Xactly suite.

Before I dive into the details, here is some background - Xactly Corporation is a market leader in providing incentive compensation solutions for employees and sales professionals. The platform helps sales admins create and distribute compensation plans to their sales force, and helps sales people keep track of their quotas.

I was the lead designer for the Xactly Incent Android app, which is geared towards sales people and managers, giving them a wholistic view of their performance and quotas on the go.


Professional Experience

My Role

User Experience Designer


3-month Internship + 6 months remote


Product Design, User Flows, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, Product Launch, Data Visualization, Design Systems


I was one of the first UX Designers at Xactly. As an intern, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to get experience working on a wide range of products, and wear multiple hats, from research and interaction design to production design. I was the primary designer on two products, while supporting Interaction, Visual and Motion design for three others. I shipped the first version of the Xactly Android App, and was involved with concept ideation, testing and scoping for another completely new product in the Xactly suite.

Xactly Incent Android

Incent Android is a supporting mobile app that is part of the larger Xactly Incent product. The mobile apps exist so sales people and managers who are always on the go can get an overview of their performance, and keep track of their quotas and metrics. The Android app comes a few years after the iOS app, so the first task was to reach feature parity.

Apart from getting up to speed on android, our other primary objectives were to create a new visual system for mobile that reflected Xactly's brand. I took on a side project to find opportunities for improvement in terms of interaction paradigms, and come up with better ones where time and resources permitted.

Since this was a brand new design team, I also spent a lot of time making the design team's presence visible, and getting us integrated into the workflows of the different ongoing projects. As a team, the android development lead, the Project Manager and I spent a few hours every week towards streamlining this workflow - This paid off in the long run. As a result of this constant communication and iteration, we developed a workflow that helped me jump almost 4 sprints ahead of development's pace at the release of version 1.

Interaction flow moving from the dashboard and drilling down into the leaderboard details [recreated for illustration purposes]


While I love talking about what I did at Xactly, I can't show it off in too much detail just yet. If you want to learn more, let's talk!

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